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on your own digital video platform

Turn your expertise into a profitable online business and earn more with a video sales tools!

Stages — build your own video platform

Engage and monetize your audience through the own website and mobile app with a seamless customer experience.

No-code solution

Create own video platform in minutes without development

Safe online sales

Set your price and start earning today

White label

Take full control over your exclusive platform

No revenue share

Great customer experiences


All values

Start your journey with Stages

Choose a profile where most options fit you now

Beginner creator

Basic creator


I don’t earn from my videos now


I want to start monetizing my videos


I have a small but engaged audience


I think about making own video platform


I have irregular earning from videos


I have a few thousand subscribers


My audience is slowly increasing in size


I have some experience with video plataforma digital

Confident creator

Expert creator


I have a steady income from my videos


I have tens of thousands of subscribers


My audience is consistently growing


I’m an active user of own video platform


Major part of my income comes from my videos


I have several hundred thousand subscribers


I have a strong expertize in how to earn at social media


My team helps me with my video business

Beginner creator
Basic creator
Confident creator
Expert creator

4 steps to earn with Stages

step 1

Upload your videos to customized websites

step 2

Set prices to your videos and courses

step 3

Attract customers from social media

step 4

Use marketing and analytics tools to boost your sales

Create own video platform in minutes

Official Stages app

Enjoy full functionality with Stages app. Easily access to all comprehensive tools for direct video sales from you phone.

Your own digital video platform

Audience engagement

Notify your users about new videos and secure the initial views right after releasing them!

Own website

Get your own video website without algorithms, censorship, ads, and monetization restrictions.

Own app

Create your iOS and Android app to build a stronger connection with your audience.


Make streams, webinars, and online events from your desktop or phone in minutes.

Marketing tools

Promote your website effortlessly through advertising on Facebook and Instagram, Google Ads, and other advertising platforms.

Advanced analytical report

Effortlessly manage your sales, views, and audience engagement right from your mobile phone. Track the growth of your business using the Stages reporting dashboard.

Easy customization

Select the most suitable design for your platform and configure it within minutes.


Sell single videos, courses, events and live streams to your audience.

Start with a free plan or get full access for $74,99

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