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Stages Terms of use

Version updated on 19.02.2024.

Hello Creator, welcome to Stages!


Stages is a unique digital tool for Creators, which allows You quickly and easily launch Your own Online Video Store; engage and interact directly with Your Audience; monetizeYour Content in different ways.


Stages is for Creators who have ambitions to become Content entrepreneurs and achieve individual economic sovereignty. We do believe that any Creator deserves more than to be one of many and can be successful on the internet with their own video web site and mobile application created through Stages.


To make this Stages Terms of use (“Terms”) easier to read, We have provided a Glossary which lists the meaning of the expressions, in capital letters, applicable to all Stages Terms and Policies.


This document contains the general terms and conditions applicable to Stages exclusively for Creators and includes Our Privacy Policy.


Acceptance of this Terms and the Privacy Policy are essential to Your registry, access, and use of Stages as a Creator.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS TERMS AND/OR THE PRIVACY POLICY, before registering, accessing, or using Stages, please contact Us through Our Contact Channels on Section 5 “CONTACT CHANNELS”. Creator’s registry and sign in may vary according to the Creator's country of domicile and according to the currency with which Creator makes transactions.

By accessing or using Stages, You agree to be bound by Stages Terms and Policies. You should read these Terms because they contain important information about Your rights and obligations regarding the access or use of Stages.


1.1. Who are we? We are VIDEOSTAGEFZCO, a company, headquartered at DSO-IFZA-18515, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE (“VIDEOSTAGE”, “We”, “Us”, or “Our(s)”).

1.2. What is Stages? Stages is a set of technological tools, made available by VIDEOSTAGE, that allows You to launch Your own Online Video Store; engage and interact directly with Your Audience; monetize Your Content in different ways.

1.3. Who can use Stages as a Creator? Individuals, sole proprietors, or legal entities that produce or license video Content. In case of Individuals, You must be at least (a) 18 (eighteen) years old, for free promotion of Content, or (b) 18 (eighteen) years old if You want to monetize Your Content (be a Merchant). If the laws of the country where you live provide that you can only be legally bound by a contract with Us at an age which is higher than 18 years old, then you must be old enough to be legally bound by a contract with Us.

1.4. Are there different types of Stages Users? No, Stages users can be only Creators.

1.5. What is the difference between Creators and Audience? Creators produce or license Content and publish it through their Online Video Store, while Audience access and use Online Video Store (registered or used as anonymous), after adhering to the Terms of Use for Audience, to follow, watch and interact with the Content and Creators.

1.5.1. This document is intended exclusively for Creators, who will always be identified here as “You”, “Your” and/or “Creator(s)”.

1.6. What is the relationship between VIDEOSTAGE and Creators? As previously explained, Stages is a set of technologies which rights are either owned or held by VIDEOSTAGE. That means We and You have a Licensor –Licensee relationship, respectively, and we grant You a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensed and revocable license at any time, to access and use Stages as set in this Terms.

1.6.1. What is the cost of using Stages? You may access Stages upon payment of a Monthly Subscription Fee, according to the conditions We make available on special section on ( An additional fee (Minutes Pack Fee) may be necessary in order to You be able to upload or stream your Content (pre-recorded or live), according to the conditions We make available on special section on ( All necessary info related to those costs will be previously provided to You during Your registry in Stages or during the payment process or on special section on

1.7. What is consideredContent”? Any video, audio, text, software, Data, etc. created by You or any other Creator or licensed to You or any other Creator by third-parties and made available by Creator on Stages, Online Video Store, subject to the provisions of these Terms.

1.7.1. We do not have any decision-making power, control or inspection of the Content created by Creators, nor do We have any liability regarding the information, ideas, Data, images and/or any other references contained in these Content, being exempt, further, from responsibility for the products and/or services that Creators may market, promote on and/or through their Online Video Store. You acknowledge that once Your Content is posted on Stages, We cannot control and will not be responsible to you for the use which other Creators or third parties make of such Content. You can delete your account at any time, but you acknowledge that deleting your account will not of itself prevent the circulation of any of Your Content.

1.7.2. You are free to establish the Content You intend to share on Your Online Video Store (always respecting the permitted use for Stages provided in this document on the Section 7 “PERMITTED USE OF STAGES”, below), as well as the conditions for the offer and monetize Your Content, subject to applicable legislation.

1.7.3. You (i) are responsible for all Content that You publish on Your Online Video Store, including all matters related to the said promotion of those Content as a Merchant and for all intellectual property rights and image and/or music rights involved in the Content that You disclose; (ii) assume full responsibility, before VIDEOSTAGE, Audience and/or any Third Parties, also observing the provisions of item 8 of these Terms; and You must keep Us unharmed for any claims that may arise from them.

1.7.4. You also agree that VIDEOSTAGE and its affiliates and/or partners may collect all Data You provided on Stages (for more information, please see Our Privacy Policy).

1.7.5. We do not grant you any rights in relation to Content. Any such rights may only be granted to you by Creators.

1.7.6. Your Content may be viewed by individuals that recognise your identity. We will not in any way be responsible to you if you are identified from your Content.

1.7.7. We make no promises or guarantees of any kind that Creators will make a particular sum of money (or any money) from their use of Stages.



2.1.  How to sign upon Stages? In order to register, access and use Stages, You must first meet the minimum and necessary requirements to be considered eligible as a Creator, as per the info set forth in the section 1.3 above. Being deemed eligible to be a Creator, You must access Stages at, and follow the instructions displayed on the registration page.

2.2.  As a first step, You must complete Your registration considering the steps listed below: 

2.2.1. To proceed with said registration, some Data relating to You, including Personal Data, may be requested, such as (i) full name; (ii) email; (iv) Your mobile telephone number; (for more information, please see Our Privacy Policy).

2.2.2. You will receive a validation and confirmation message of Your mobile telephone number provided for registration (through SMS) after then click on "I FULLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE STAGES TERMS OF USE, PRIVACY POLICY AND COOKIE POLICY" and then click "Continue".

2.2.3. To complete Your registration you need to follow the instructions displayed on the registration page and to create the name of your Online Video Store and then click “Create”.

2.2.4. Once the payment of your first Monthly Subscription Fee is accepted, You will be given full access to Stages Editor and proceed with the creation of Your Online Video Store.

2.3. The lack of or false presentation of any information indicated as mandatory on the registration page may make it impossible for You to register, access and use Stages.

2.4. You are liable for the veracity and accuracy of the information that You provide Us in the registration procedure, subject to being held liable under the applicable laws for damages that may be caused to Us, to Stages, and/or third parties. We may (but are not obligated to), at any time, request supporting documents for the information You submit and, if We find that the information is not correct, incomplete or not true, We may update, correct or even close Your account with nothing being owed to You.

2.5. Creator’s Stages Account on Stages is personal and non-transferable and Creators must be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your registration and access Data.

2.6. You must provide true, correct, updated and complete information to complete the registration, under penalty of being legally liable for any inaccuracy or falsehood in the statements. We cannot be held responsible if You suffer any loss or damage as a result of the inaccuracy of Your Data.

2.7. If you previously had an account with Stages, You confirm that your old Account was not terminated or suspended by us because you violated any of our Terms of Use.

2.8. Creator’s Stages Account. By requesting the creation of Your Creators Stages Account, a username/business name and password (if applicable) may be: (i) determined and issued to You by Us; or (ii) provided by You and accepted by Us in Our sole and absolute discretion in connection with Your use of Online Video Store. We reserve the right to remove, reclaim or change a username selected by You if we determine, in Our sole discretion, that such username/business name is inappropriate, obscene, or otherwise objectionable. We may at any time, in Our sole discretion, request that You update Your Data or immediately invalidate the username/business name and/or password (if applicable) without providing any reason or notice and we will not be liable for any losses incurred or caused by You or arising out of or in connection with or because of such claim or invalidation. You agree to change Your password (if applicable) from time to time and keep the username/business name and password (if applicable) confidential and will be responsible for the security of Your account and responsible for any disclosure or use (whether such use is authorized or not) of the username/business name and/or password (if applicable). You must notify Us immediately if You become aware of or have reason to suspect that the confidentiality of the username/business name and/or password (if applicable) has been compromised or if there has been any unauthorized use of the username/business name and/or password (if applicable) or if Your Data needs to be updated.

2.9. How to use Stages? To access Stages You must use appropriate equipment with an Internet connection. You are responsible for acquiring, installing, and maintaining all software, hardware and Data connection necessary to access Stages. If You have any doubts about using Stages , We will do Our best to help You but We will not be responsible for any technical difficulties that You face arising from the use of these software and hardware.


3.1  Stages Editor. Once You’ve registered on Stages, You will have access to Our technological tools and will be able to start using Stages, that will help You to build Your own video showcases and promote Your Content to Audience. At this point, You may be able to create Your Online Video Store and publish Your own website and create Your own mobile application. Both cases will be explained below. 

3.2.  Online Video Store (website). With Stages Editor You will be able to build Your own video showcases website accessible through a browser and promote Your own Content through (i) Your own domain; or (ii) an exclusive domain provided by Us for Your use (please note that all rights to this type of domain belong to Us).

3.3.  Online Video Store (mobile application). You will have to be registered and hold up a valid developer account (on iOS or Android) to build Your own Online Video Store mobile application. You must also first publish an Online Video Store website and then You will be able to create your Online Video Store mobile application through Stages Editor. WE REMIND YOU THAT IN ORDER TO BE A DEVELOPER ON THE AFOREMENTIONED MOBILE OPERATING SYSTEMS, YOU HAVE ALREADY ADHERED TO THE SAID APPLICABLE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND WILL HOLD VIDEOSTAGE HARMLESS FROM ANY AND ALL DAMAGES RELATED TO YOUR ACTIONS AND/OR OMISSIONS AS A DEVELOPER ON SUCH OPERATING SYSTEMS.

3.4.  Publishing Content. After building Your Online Video Store, You may then upload and stream Your Content upon a purchase of Minutes Pack, please visit and check the available plans. You will be able to upload and stream according to the number of minutes you have purchased.

3.4.1. If your Minutes Pack runs out of Video Uploading Minutes and/or Video Viewing Minutes, or they expire, or You fail to pay Your Monthly Subscription Fee, You will not be able to upload new Content or stream current Content unless you purchase an additional Minutes Pack. Even though you run out of Video Viewing Minutes or fail to pay Your Monthly Subscription Fee, We may, but are not obliged to, keep Your Content available to Your Audience viewing for up to thirty (30) days. If You fail to purchase an additional Minutes Pack or do not pay your Monthly Subscription Fees after that, Your Online Video Store will be suspended, and Your Content will become unavailable to Your Audience. Once You purchase additional Minutes Pack(s) prior to Your Online Video Store inactivation (see below), any amount of viewed time by Your Audience while You were out of Video Viewing Minutes might be deducted from Your Minutes Pack.

3.4.2. Your Minutes Pack will automatically expire if You stay inactive for hundred and eighty days (180) (“Expiration Date”). For the purpose of this Terms of Use, You will be considered “inactive” whenever (i) You fail to pay our monthly subscription; or (ii) You stop using Stages Editor and Your Content has not been viewed by any Audience for over hundred and eighty days (180).

3.4.3. Nonetheless the Video Uploading Minutes and/or Video Viewing Minutes limitation above, You will be able to store up to two hundred and fifty five gigabytes (256 GB) of Content in your Online Video Store. Once You reach the maximum storage capacity, You will not be able to upload new Content unless you delete older ones.

3.5. In both cases Creator will be guided and will have all Our necessary support for the use of Stages and Our Stages Editor. If You need any additional assistance, We will help You through Our Contact Channel.


4.1.  On Stages You can be a Merchant and monetize Your Content through Your Online Video Store! If You are eligible (more than 18 years) You decide how to monetize Your Content among Your Audience!

4.2. By becoming a Creator, You will have access to a few Stage’s Payment Providers. If You choose to create Your own Online Video Store:

4.2.1. website version (accessible by browser), remember that You should be bound to Payments Providers payments terms and conditions whose services are provided through Online Video Store.

4.2.2. mobile application version, remember that You should be bound to Google’s and/or Apple’s payments terms and conditions (“Third-Party Mobile Application Payment Terms”).

4.3. By using Online Video Store You will become a Merchant only after You adhere to the terms and conditions of the Payment Providers as well as (if applicable) the Third-Party Mobile Application Payment Terms and then You can monetize Your Content.

4.4. After Your registration on Stages, You are liable for all information that You provide Us, including but not limited to for all matters related to methods payment, monetizing and transactions made with Payment Providers on Stages and Audience.

4.5. Transactions must be made in accordance with the payment methods provided by Payment Providers, as well as Google’s and/or Apple’s payment methods (so called in-app purchases) in case of Stages Mobile.


4.5.2. We can change the Payment Providers used to process payments on Stages and if we do so, we will notify you and store applicable details on your Account.

4.6. Creators will be able to monetize their Content with Our assistance. Via Stages Editor, Creator will be able to add and offer up to several types of monetization options that will be shown to its Audience in Creator’s Online Video Store (please note that We do not interfere or withhold) in Creators revenues - you will receive the 100% payments directly from your Customers and should pay only commission of payment provider (not VIDEOSTAGE). In case Videostage charges some kind of commissions, Videostage will update this information as follows: by sending an email or displaying the abovementioned information on the website …. or on the Payment Providers page. We are not, and do not, become a party, intervenor, or guarantor of any relationship between Creators and its Audience). See more below (please note that We do not control and interfere monetization options below, therefore, We will not be held liable for any damages that may arise from such business relationship).

  • Pay-per-view (applicable for video on demand and/or live broadcast). Audience shall be able to get access to Your Content and/or a live broadcast upon payment of a fee. You can set the price per one video as well as per several videos. We do not control the price You set for Audience, but We may restrict the minimum amount of this fee in accordance with Apple Store, Google Play, Payment Providers’ or Stages rules.
  • Subscription-video-on-demand (applicable for video on demand and/or live broadcast). Your Audience shall be able to get access to Your Content and/or a live broadcast upon payment of a subscription fee. You can set the price to access of Your Content payable by basis of recurring fee at regular intervals (monthly, annually, etc.). We do not control the price You set for Audience, but We may restrict the minimum amount of this fee in accordance with Apple Store, Google Play, Payment Providers’ or Stages rules.
  • Buy Now Pay Later (applicable for video on demand and/or live broadcast). Your Audience shall be able to get access to Your Content and/or a live broadcast upon payment of a installments fee.  
    You can allow Your Audience to split the cost of their purchase into smaller installments paid at regular intervals. The amount of a fee may be divided into no more than 12 (twelve) payments. We do not control the price You set for Audience, but We may restrict the minimum amount of each fee in accordance with Apple Store, Google Play, Payment Providers’ or Stages rules.
  • Tips/donation (applicable for video on demand and/or live broadcast). You are also able to allow Your Audience to support Your Online Video Store as well as the Content. Audience decide by themselves how much they want to donate to You. We do not control the price You set for Audience, but You may be restricted to the minimum/maximum amount of this fee in accordance with Apple Store, Google Play, Payment Providers’ or Stages rules.
  • EcomContent (applicable for video on demand and/or live broadcast). You will be able to add third-party marketplaces links and dedicated websites (i.e. Amazon, Shopify etc.) that will be shown to Your Audience in Your Content.

4.7. Creators will be able to monetize their Content without Our assistance. You will be able to promote Your Content with integrated brands (product placement). We do not control and interfere into this monetization flow, therefore, We will not be held liable for any damages that may arise from such business relationship between you and advertisers.

4.8. You must ensure that any Product Placement content which you post to your Account does not:

  • prejudice respect for human dignity;
  • include or promote discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, nationality, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation;
  • encourage behaviour prejudicial to health or safety;
  • encourage behaviour grossly prejudicial to the protection of the environment;
  • cause physical, mental or moral detriment to any person;
  • directly urge persons to purchase or rent goods or services in a manner which exploits their inexperience or credulity;
  • directly encourage persons to persuade others to purchase or rent goods or services;
  • exploit the trust of persons in others; or
  • unreasonably show persons in dangerous situations;
  • does not advertise cigarettes and other tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette refill containers, illegal drugs, or any prescription-only medicine;
  • does not advertise, promote, or facilitate illegal gambling, and
  • in respect of any Product Placement content for alcoholic drinks, is not aimed at minors and does not encourage immoderate consumption of alcohol.


5.1. If You have any questions, You can contact us by sending an email to or check available contact channels in section Contact Us (

5.2. Notifications may be given by Us or by You through the communication facilities existing in Stages.

5.3. Creators Community. Creators may discuss and share information, tips, and other materials related to Stages. Any information, notices or other content of any kind shared between Creators do not constitute official support by Us. For official support regarding Stages, please contact our Contact Channel (as per item 5.1 above), which you can reach via our contact form or visit our Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ session on (FAQ).

5.3.1. Creators are expressly prohibited from including any information in their profile that may suggest they are Our employees or moderators, or otherwise impersonating such an employee or moderator.

5.3.2. You acknowledge that the opinions expressed amongst Creators are solely the opinions of the contributors, and do not represent Our opinions or policies or any of Our affiliated company.


6.1.  Provided we fulfill Your obligations herein set, We assume the obligation to keep Stages (including Stages Editor and Online Video Store) available to You, taking all reasonable steps to keep it stable, scheduling planned interruptions for periods of lower Data traffic and usage. There will be situations in which Stages, Stages Editor, and/or Your Online Video Store will not be available due to factors beyond our control or control (acts of God or force majeure, such as, for example, government actions, natural disasters, civil conflicts, strikes or labor problems, failures, or delays of the supplier of the Internet service), in which case We cannot be held responsible. In addition, regarding any Online Video Store (mobile application), We remind You that the full functionality of the said service will also depend on Google’s Play as well as Apple’s Store availability.

6.2.  We cannot be held liable for any damages caused by third parties who gain access to the system from accessing Creator Profile. Nor can We be held responsible for accessing, intercepting, deleting, altering, modifying, or manipulating files, when resulting from access by unauthorized third parties in a physical or virtual environment external to Creators Profile.

6.3.  We can investigate any suspected or alleged misuse, abuse, or unlawful use of Stages and cooperate with law enforcement agencies in such investigation. We also can disclose any information or records in our possession or control about your use of Stages to law enforcement agencies in connection with any law enforcement investigation of any suspected or alleged illegal activity, to protect our rights or legal interests, or in response to legal process.

6.4.  You agree that We and Our subsidiary companies, employees, owners, representatives, and agents will not be liable to you for any loss of profit, loss of business or revenue, business interruption, loss of business opportunity, or loss of anticipated savings suffered by you arising from or in connection with your use of Stages.

6.5. You agree that:

• If any aspect of your agreement with us is unenforceable, the rest will remain in effect.
• If We fail to enforce any aspect of your agreement with us, it will not be a waiver.
• We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.
• No implied licenses or other rights are granted to you in relation to any part, save as expressly set out in the Terms of Use.
• You cannot transfer your rights or obligations under your agreement with us without our prior written consent.

• Our rights and obligations under your agreement with us can be assigned or transferred by us to others. For example, this could occur if our ownership changes or by law. In addition, we may choose to delegate the performance of any of our obligations under your agreement with us to any third party, but we will remain responsible to you for the performance of such obligations.


7.1. You must use Stages and/or Your Online Video Store only for the purposes for which it was developed. You cannot and must not use them to:

Promote or incite crimes. It is strictly prohibited to publish, make available or carry out any interaction through Stages and/or Your Online Video Store that has the objective of carrying out any form of promotion or incitement of any type of crime, including violence against property or people, including physical or psychological, being subject to legal implications. Do not use Stages in any way which may exploit, harm, or attempt to exploit or harm any individual under 18 years old, for example by exposing them to inappropriate Content.

Acquiring, disclosing, offering, or providing sexual content. It is strictly prohibited to perform any act with the intention of acquiring, disclosing, offering, providing sexual content, which includes, without limitation, sexual relations, masturbation, "revenge porn", escort services, sex trafficking, or prostitution and nudity. Under no circumstances will the exploitation or use of sexual content involving minors be tolerated or allowed.

Promoting, defending, inciting, or publicizing suicide or self-harm. Any conduct that intends to promote, defend, instigate, disclose or in any way propagate actions in favor of suicide or even self-mutilation will not be accepted. Content that is intended to prevent these actions may be excluded.

Violate third-party rights. It will not be allowed to practice acts that cause or may cause any type of damage or loss and/or that violate our rights, our partners, our users, any third parties or that violate public order. This includes the practice of acts that result in or may cause damage or injury to VIDEOSTAGE, third parties, Stages, its availability or accessibility, or that may damage, disable, overload or impair servers or networks, or interfere in its use and control. Do not upload, post, display, or publish Content on Stages that contains or refers to anyone else's personal data or private or confidential information (for example, telephone numbers, location information (including street addresses and GPS coordinates), names, identity documents, email addresses, log-in credentials, financial information including bank account and credit card details, biometric data, and medical records) without that person's express written consent.

Promote or incite illegal practices. We will not accept interactions or Content for purposes deemed unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, or harmful, or in connection with any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, or harmful activity or purpose.

Intolerance. The practice of acts considered threatening, malicious, abusive, offensive, defamatory, harassing, obscene or indecent, or that promote hatred, incite racial, political, or religious violence or intolerance will not be accepted and will be punished as per the terms of the applicable law.

Intellectual property Infringement. You must not use Stages to copy, modify, adapt, translate, or reverse engineer any of its parts and Content; remove notices or citations of any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights contained in Stages or in any Content or other material available on Stages.

Additional Provision.

(i) transmit files that contain viruses, malware, disabling code, corrupted files or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of another party's computer or to "hack" or violate any security measure;

(ii) make available or disseminate information or any unsolicited or unauthorized Content, such as “SPAM” or Content belonging to third parties and which You do not have the right to use, such as, for example, Content protected by copyright or Content containing Personal Data of third parties;

(iii) create access accounts by automated means or with false or fraudulent claims;

(iv) use robots, “spider”, “crawler”, “scraper” or other automated means or interfaces to access Stages or extract information from other people using Stages;

(v) coordinate or be part of a denial-of-service (DoS) attack. A DDoS attack exploits the security vulnerabilities of the infected computers or other internet-connected devices to produce a distributed attack that has a far greater potential effect on the target than that of a single attacking device. (DoS) attack may be subject to civil and criminal liability, including fine and imprisonment;

(vi) disrespecting Stages rules; or,

(vii) use Stages to perform acts that, in any way, violate ethical and moral standards or applicable legal norms, and distortion of the purpose of the services is absolutely prohibited. For example, acts that: (a) violate privacy and honor or that denigrate, and harm third parties will not be allowed; (b) violate the intellectual property rights of third parties; (c) aim to obtain illegal access to our Data or that of third parties;  (d) mislead third parties; contains, promotes, advertises or refers to hate speech (being Content intended to vilify, humiliate, dehumanize, exclude, attack, threaten, or incite hatred, fear of, or violence against, a group or individual based on race, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, caste, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, serious disease, veteran status, or any other protected characteristic (e); is used or is intended to be used to extract money or another benefit from anyone else in exchange for removal of the Content (f); causes or is calculated to cause inconvenience, or anxiety to anyone else or which is likely to upset, embarrass, or cause serious offence to anyone else (g)

7.2. In order to be very clear and straightforward with You, VIDEOSTAGE does not have obligations to monitor or control any Content provided by Creators on Online Video Store.

7.3. When promoting your Stages Account you must comply with our Terms of Use and the terms of use of any other website where you place a link to or otherwise promote your Stages Account.

7.4. You are responsible for identifying, understanding, and complying with all applicable conditions related to the Permitted Use of Stages, Online Video Store as well as of the conditions set forth in these Terms. In case that You breach any of these conditions, the penalties set forth in the section 8 below will be applied to You.

7.5. Please be aware that, additionally to being forbidden per these Terms, some of the actions described above may constitute felonies, according to the law applicable to You.


8.1. While We have endeavored to ensure that Stages and its content are reliable, no warranty (explicit or implied) is made as to its accuracy, completeness, or impartiality and therefore You should, if necessary, obtain independent verification of any of the information contained therein.

8.2. Except in the case of willful misconduct proven by VIDEOSTAGE, at no time VIDEOSTAGE will be held liable for loss or damage of any nature that arises as a result of any Content provided by You on  Your Online Video Store to third parties as well to Audience or any other information, Data, software or service provided through Stages, according to the applicable local law.


8.4. You are responsible for identifying, understanding, and complying with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. This may include, among others, civil, intellectual property, privacy, Data, and all applicable rules regarding their Content advertising, promotion, and sale to Audience.

8.5. By accepting the Stages Terms and Policies, Creators agree to act in good faith and in accordance with applicable law, especially on their Online Video Store.

8.6. Stages may suffer interruptions and unavailability due to technical or operational issues. In these cases, We can provide prior notices about possible interruptions or unavailability, as well as to re-establish Stages as soon as possible.  

8.6.1. Examples of causes of interruptions or unavailability are: fortuitous cases or force majeure; harmful actions by third parties that prevent the provision of services or the continuity of Stages (cyber-attack, virus, etc.); periodic technical maintenance; lack of electricity; failures in Data transmission networks; etc.

8.7. Stages is provided “as is”, without warranties of any kind, either express or implied.

8.8. Links to other websites and/or applications. The Content of any third-party websites that You access from Stages or Your Online Video Store is entirely outside of Our control and accessing and remaining on such websites is at Your own risk. Any inclusion of these links on Stages does not imply Our endorsement or consent to any products, services, content, information, or materials offered by, or accessible to You on third-party websites. We do not represent or warrant any third-party websites that You access from Online Video Store.

8.8.1. All copyrights and trademarks accessible through any links are the property of the respective owners of the websites or their licensors.

8.8.2. Third-party websites may have their own terms of use and privacy policy.


9.1. Unless expressly stated otherwise, any price shown on Stages or its website are exclusive of taxes. We recommend that all Creators seek professional advice to ensure you are compliant with your local tax rules, based on your individual circumstances.

9.2. You will pay Your Stages Fees and any other applicable charges through or related to Your use of Stages (“Other Fees”) through our Payment Provider. Together, the Stages Fees and the Other Fees are referred to as the “Fees”.

9.2.1. Any information You provide for payment (such as card number) will be input directly to Payment Provider’s and We will not have access to them. Any payment related claim or change must be directly handled though Payment Provider’s customer portal, though link available at Your account, where You will be able to cancel Your subscription and/or delete card details.

9.3. You must keep a valid payment method on file with us to pay for all incurred and recurring Fees. We will charge applicable Fees to any valid payment method that you authorize (“Authorized Payment Method”), and We will continue to charge the Authorized Payment Method for applicable Fees until our legal relation is terminated, and any and all outstanding Fees have been paid in full. All Fees and other charges will be charged according to currency shown to Creator upon payment.

9.4. Fees must be paid in advance and will be billed either (a) in 30 day intervals for your Monthly Subscription Plan (each such date, a “Billing Date”), or (b) whenever You need to purchase more Minutes Pack. You will be charged on each Billing Date for all outstanding Fees that have not previously been charged. Fees will appear on a receipt, which will be sent to Creator via the provided email address.

Please note that you can cancel a Monthly subscription not later than 24 hours before Billing Date.

9.5. If we are not able to process payment of Fees using an Authorized Payment Method, we may make subsequent attempts to process payment using any Authorized Payment Method. If we are unable to successfully process payment of Fees using an Authorized Payment Method within 30 days of our initial attempt, You will not be able to upload new Content, or make livestreams, and Your Audience will not be able to access Your Content, as per item 3.4.1 above.

9.5.1. Your Minutes Pack will be kept frozen up to Expiration Date (see item 3.4.2 above). If the outstanding Fees remain unpaid for twelve (12) months, We reserve the right to terminate your Account in accordance with Section 12. If You still fail to pay any past due amount after that, Your Minutes Pack minutes will automatically expire, and We may terminate Your account.

9.6. All Fees are exclusive of any taxes, including but not limited to federal, provincial, state, local or other governmental sales, goods and services, harmonized or other taxes, fees or charges now in force or enacted in the future unless otherwise specified when you making a payment using Authorized Payment Method.

9.6.1. You are the sole responsible party for all taxes that may be applied, directly or indirectly, as a result of Your business conduct through Your Online Video Store.

9.7. On payments made by You to Us, to the extent that VIDEOSTAGE charges any taxes from You, they are      charged considering the tax rates applicable based on the billing address You provide to Us. Such amounts are in addition to the Fees and will be billed to Your Authorized Payment Method.

9.7.1. Tax rates are based on applicable rates at the time of billing. The tax rates may change over time, depending on your country, state, territory or even city. Any modification on the tax rates will be automatically applied based on the billing address You provide.

9.7.2. If You are exempt from payment of taxes, You must provide us with evidence of Your exemption, which in some jurisdictions includes an original certificate that satisfies applicable legal requirements attesting to tax-exempt status. Tax exemption will only apply from and after the date We receive evidence satisfactory to VIDEOSTAGE of Your exemption.

9.7.3. If You are not charged taxes by Us, you are responsible for determining if taxes are due on the payment to Us, and if so, self-remitting these taxes to the appropriate tax authorities in Your jurisdiction.

9.8. For the avoidance of doubt, all sums payable by You to Us under these Terms of Use will be paid free and clear of any deductions or withholdings whatsoever. Other than taxes charged by Us to You and remitted to the appropriate tax authorities on your behalf, any deductions or withholdings that are required by local law will be borne by you and paid separately to the relevant tax authority. We will be entitled to charge the full amount of Fees stipulated under these Terms of Use to your Authorized Payment Method ignoring any such deduction or withholding that may be required.

9.9. Taxes and other tax charges that are due, directly, or indirectly, as a result of operations carried out, payments or receipts made by Creator with its Audience or as a result of their execution will be the responsibility of the taxpayer, as defined in the tax rule applicable to You or the Audience. VIDEOSTAGE will not assume any joint liability, subsidiary liability or co-responsibility and no reimbursement between VIDEOSTAGE and the said Creator will be due.

9.9.1. You are solely responsible for determining, collecting, withholding, reporting, and remitting applicable taxes, duties, fees, surcharges and additional charges that arise from or as a result of any sale on Your Content. Any contract of sale made through the Your Online Video Store is directly between you and the customer.

9.10. We reserve the right to close your Stages Account if we are notified of or become aware of any Tax non-compliance by you.


10.1. Subject to the provisions of section 9.1.1 below, the elements and/or tools found on Stages are either owned by, or licensed to VIDEOSTAGE, subject to intellectual property standards in accordance with the applicable intellectual property local law. By way of example only, it is understood as such: texts, software, scripts, graphic images, photos, sounds, music, videos, interactive and similar resources, brands, service marks, logos and “look and feel”.

10.1.1. Third-Party Content. Any documents, materials, data, or information made available by any third parties, on Stages, Online Video Store, which are entirely outside VIDEOSTAGE control (“Third-Party Content”). Access and use of Third-Party Content at Stages, Online Video Store will be at Your expense and risk. All copyrights and trademarks relating to Third Party Content are the property of their respective holders. The provision of Third-Party Content on Stages does not imply Our endorsement or consent in relation to any products, services, Content, information, or materials contained therein. We do not represent or warrant any Third-Party Content that You may access from Stages, Online Video Store.

10.2. You declare that You are aware that, whenever You perform a live broadcast, Your image, name, username, voice and performance (“Image and Copyright Rights”), as the case may be, as well as any materials used, in Your speeches, testimonials, lectures and interviews captured during the transmission can be viewed by all Audience who are following the transmission. In these cases, You grant a perpetual, irrevocable and irreversible authorization, free of charge, for the use of Your Image and Copyright Rights by VIDEOSTAGE, in order to allow the performance and continuity of the transmission.

10.2.1. You declare that You are aware that transmissions in the internet environment may be viewed, downloaded, captured, republished, or even altered, in any way and for any purposes, by third parties, without any interference by VIDEOSTAGE. In this case, VIDEOSTAGE cannot be held liable for such uses that occur without its direct and malicious action.

10.2.2. You authorize reproductions, enlargements, modifications with special effects and necessary fixings, aiming at the best use of Your image, name, voice sound, performance and content of the materials presented and captured in the transmission, which may be presented in whole or in part, alone, or in composition with texts and other images for the purposes to be used and broadcast, in whole or in part, their Image and Copyright Rights for dissemination of Stages and/or in Stages advertising, promotional, institutional, festivals and editorials, which may be attached to any and all material including video images, photos and documents, making-of and versions, adaptations and vignettes, throughout the national territory and abroad, in the following ways and means: (I ) outdoor; (II) bus door; (III) brochures in general (inserts, direct mail, catalogue, etc.); (IV) presentation folder; (V) advertisements in magazines and newspapers in general; (VI) home page and internet in general (including social networks and other digital channels); (VII) posters; (VIII) backlight; (IX) electronic media (panels, videotapes, television, cinema, radio programs, among others); (X) out of home (OOH) digital media; (XI) Portfolio, printed or digital, intended for the dissemination of the works of authorized companies, including making-of, national and international awards and on websites on the internet.

10.2.3. You declare that the Content that You may have presented does not infringe any rights belonging to third parties, especially those relating to copyrights, trademarks, patents, confidentiality, and You are authorized, either because it is Your authorship or for having a specific license for its use and disclosure, so that You assume responsibility before VIDEOSTAGE and third parties for any omissions, inaccuracies, untruths and/or violations of this item, as well as any claims involving the intellectual property of the material presented in the transmission, in whole or in part, including the repair of any and all damages caused to Us or third parties.

10.2.4. You are aware and in agreement that Your image, name, voice sound, performance and other rights indicated above, as Data relating to You under applicable law, will be processed for the purposes set out in these Terms and/or for the purposes of compliance with legal or contractual obligations, as well as for the preservation of rights, which You agree to and that the Image and Copyright Rights may be used one or more times, without limitation of number and time, in photos, videos or texts, among others.

10.3. If the option to download any software application is made available or through any other means, You will be granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to use the application in connection with the relevant services, subject to the provisions of these Terms, for the term of Stages. You shall not decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of any part of such application, nor shall You permit any third-party to do so.  

10.4. You may submit modifications suggestions for Online Video Store. We may incorporate such modifications and additional information into Stages in Our sole discretion, with nothing due to You for such decision.


11.1. We reserve the right to modify, suspend, terminate, or discontinue any aspect of Stages, Stages Editor Online Video Store at any time, in whole or in part. We may also impose limitations on certain features, functionality, or services without prior notice and without incurring any liability.

11.2. Any improvements or additions to Stages, Stages Editor, Online Video Store will be subject to these Terms, unless We provide otherwise. We may introduce new specific sets of Terms, as appropriate, or amend existing specific Terms.


12.1. We may terminate these Terms and terminate Your access to Stages, Online Video Store at any time and without no cause, with thirty (30) days prior notice, or immediately in the cases provided for in these Terms.

12.1.1. Without prejudice to the other provisions above, We may terminate these Terms and/or terminate Your access to Stages, Online Video Store immediately in case of breach (or suspected breach), by You, of the provisions of these Terms, non-compliance with applicable legislation or in case of a valid order from a competent authority.

12.1.2. Upon termination, We may delete all Your Content from Our servers at Our sole discretion.

12.2. You have the right to request the termination of Your account, upon request to the Contact Channels on Section 5 “CONTACT CHANNELS”.

12.3. Refunds. You will only qualify for a refund for Your Monthly Subscription Fee provided that you cumulatively meet all of the following requirements:

i. You Request termination in up to seven (7) days from Your subscription; and
ii. You have never accessed nor anyhow used Stages (for example, You must not have created a personalized domain, created Your Online Video Store etc.); and
iii. You must not have used any of your Minutes Pack minutes (for example, You must not have uploaded, published any Content, nor made any livestream).



13.1. We reserve the right to modify, include and/or change, at any time and without prior notice, any of the provisions of these Terms, Policies and/or instructions, at its sole discretion. Any changes, additions and/or amendments will be effective immediately upon their disclosure.

13.2. We may assign this contractual relationship, or the rights related, to any of its companies who belong to the same economic group, at its sole discretion, as well as to any third parties due to merger, spin-off, incorporation, or any corporate restructuring act.

13.3. The registry or participation in Stages does not generate any bound between Creators and Stages, other than the expressly provided for in these Terms.

13.4. The prevailing language of this Terms of Use is English. Any other language of this Terms shall be considered a translation. In case of conflict, the English version shall prevail.

13.5. If any legal decision cancels or renders ineffective any of the provisions of these Terms, the other conditions not affected will remain valid.

13.6. These Terms are governed by the laws of the UAE.